Who We Are


Albert J. Bartolomeo, CFA, CFP® is the founder and president of Broad Reach Wealth Management, LLC, an independent registered investment advisor providing comprehensive solutions and counsel to individuals, families, business owners and organizations.

Albert J. Bartolomeo, CFA, CFP® has extensive experience in advising high net worth individuals in the areas of investing, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning and risk management.

Al has over 20 years of experience. He began his career on Park Avenue in Manhattan with the then managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation and her independent registered investment advisory firm that was a pioneer in delivering fee only, asset class investment strategies.

Learning the importance of integrating investment management with comprehensive tax and financial planning strategies, he moved down to Manhattan's Wall Street area, where he became Director of Financial Planning and a senior investment advisor for a large independent investment advisory and financial planning firm.

This firm was among the first of the true wealth management firms in the country, providing an integrated holistic approach that combined investment management with comprehensive financial planning services. There, he developed comprehensive wealth management solutions, and specialized in investment, tax efficiency strategies and the intricacies of retirement and estate planning.

After many years in Manhattan, Al and his wife moved to Orlando for a position he accepted as Director of Financial Planning for another large independent firm. After coming to the conclusion that the best way to provide advice that is always in the best interest of his clients was to start his own firm, Al founded Broad Reach Wealth Management. Al and his family now reside in Sarasota, FL.

Al grew up in the Philadelphia area, earned his bachelor's degree in Boston and his master's degree in Manhattan. He earned a certificate in financial planning from New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies and completed the financial planning certification curriculums of both NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies and The College for Financial Planning, before earning the national CFP® certification. Later, Al completed the CFA program and is a holder of the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

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About Our Name:

The name Broad Reach Wealth Management, LLC has two separate and distinct roots. The first is in a sailing term.

Sailing can be relaxing or it can be frightening and dangerous, depending on many factors. A broad reach is a point of sail. The boat is sailing with the wind and the current. A broad reach is the most comfortable and safest way to sail.

We believe it signifies our investment approach of balancing risk and return characteristics in your portfolio, through the use of global diversification and asset class investment strategies. Our aim is to get you where you need to go as efficiently and comfortably as we can with the least amount of risk.

Of course, the second reference is to the broad scope of services that we provide. Broad Reach Wealth Management, LLC can help you achieve your goals by providing a broad range of services focusing on many financial issues that may affect you along the way and managing or controlling the risks associated with them.